Daradia Pain Foundation

Pain Management for all

Aims & Objectives of Daradia Pain Foundation:

  • Supporting poor patients suffering from pain by free consultation and free treatment.
  • Financial assistance to poor patients for their treatment who are suffering from pain.
  • Free pain management camps.
  • Encouraging the development of low cost treatment plan for pain.
  • Supporting researches in pain management.
  • Developing protocols of pain management for poor that is suitable for developing countries.
  • Organization of conference to encourage researches.
  • Conducting pain management training courses & Pain management fellowship programs

Why you should be a member of Daradia Pain Foundation?

  • Be a proud member of Daradia team and help poor to alleviate pain.
  • Be a part of publication team of Daradia in publishing articles, writing book etc.
  • Be a team member of developing Indian protocol of managing pain.
  • Help to treat pain in poor population.
  • Get discounted registration for all courses/workshops/conferences organized by Daradia.
  • Free access to online articles published by Daradia