Daradia Pain Foundation

Pain Management for all

Daradia Pain Foundation is a registered society

We must look back to our parents, seniors and our society. The benefits of recent developments in pain management must reach to the seniors (who sufferes most from pain) poor population of our society. Dadaria Pain Foundation is a registered non-profit organization of physicians & pain/palliative care volunteers. The mission of this organization is to develop this specialty further, encouraging researches and to bring the benefits of this specialty among the patients of poor socio-economic conditions of developing countries suffering from pain.

Daradia Pain Foundation is situated at Daradia: The Pain Clinic building and work in association with this clinic.

Following are the main activities of Daradia Pain Foundation:

Conducting Pain management fellowship, pain management training courses, advance courses in pain management to cover advanced procedures like Gasserian Ganglion block in Trigeminal Neuralgia, conferences & workshops. Also started one year pain medicine fellowship.

Conducting free pain management camps for poor.